Closer to Nature and Finding Calm

It is hard to know if we have ever faced such a collective existential crisis moment as we do in this moment of history, perhaps the two world wars are up there, and saying that, we only have the one step closer threat of such events with what’s currently happening in Eastern Europe but with the added mix of a pandemic, climate change, political and social division, all in all, it seems pretty bad.

So, I don’t know about anybody else but my existential anxiety is quite wracked up at the moment, thus I am going to do what I know works best for me, head out into nature, even though it’s cold, wet and windy, even with some short bursts of hail thrown in for good measure but out there feeling the freshness, taking in the trees, the birds, the cloudy skies with bursts of sunlight, being buffeted by the wind – I know it will make me feel better.

Is it the adventure of a walk in such conditions which makes me feel stronger, more able to survive anything thrown at me? Is it the innocence of nature which takes me to a safer place? It is so immersive – I forget myself. Perhaps, it is the vitality it gives – connecting with it’s vitality – I feel vital.

Above absolute all, it is the truth – so simple.