I am mainly inspired by nature. I am interested in ideas around meditation, mindfulness, re-wilding and environmentalism. I am also a passionate photographer who mixes natural beauty with artistic vision.

In a little more depth: I am a qualified RHS horticulturalist and have worked in many different areas of horticulture. I am also qualified mindfulness instructor and have worked in mental health rehabilitation where I combined horticulture with mindfulness, and experienced how effective the combination can be. I have always been interested in our relationship with nature (therefore environmentalism) and continue to examine it, mainly through my own experience and how my views have changed, especially around gardening and the gardening industry.

In regards to photography: I studied it many moons ago at college to diploma level. I want to try and capture the beauty of nature, but also to explore a more artistic vision of nature.

Originally I am from London but moved to the countryside in the south west of England and currently reside in Cornwall between Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor. I have travelled in America, France, Spain and Romania.